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K-3 Library Media

Library Media Specialist - Mrs. DeNoto
Library Clerk - Ms. Becker


Dragons - Educational Pathway

Cookies - Educational Pathway

National Parks - Educational Pathway

Students are welcome to come to the library daily to check out books and magazines. Kindergarteners and first graders may check out one book or magazine at a time. Second and third graders may check out two books or magazines at a time. Students are encouraged to be responsible borrowers of library materials. This would include turning pages carefully with clean hands, keeping books in a safe place at home away from puppies and very young children, carrying books in backpacks away from drinks that might spill, and returning books by the due date.

Students may also come to the library to use the computers for research. We have an online library catalog which students will learn to use to locate materials in our library. In addition, we subscribe to online databases such as World Book Online.

Southlawn Library Catalog